Questions, Comments or Consults

We’d love to hear from you, but please bear in mind, that we get 10-50 emails per day requesting free advice. Rod is the only one answering emails and he simply can’t respond to all of you. In order to streamline this we require subject line information as seen below.

IMPORTANT: To send us an email you ‘ll need to put the words; PRODUCT QUESTIONPAID CONSULTINTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, EDITS NEEDED/TESTIMONIAL into the subject line.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – As of 5/1/2020 we are no longer shipping international orders directly. The only way we are shipping internationally is when the purchaser uses a USA based freight forwarding service. We then ship to the US based freight forwarder, at the US shipping rate, and your chosen freight forwarding service ships to you. Why? Too many countries with horrible shipping/tracking, too many “lost packages” and a fair number of scams and rotten/sleazy individuals have forced our hand on this matter. Many of our customers have reported good success with:

The above link is in no way an endorsement for Please choose your own freight forwarding service and be sure it is one you are 100% comfortable with.

PAID CONSULT – No matter how simple the question, we can no longer afford to answer any direct one-on-one questions for free.

IMPORTANT: As of 7/15/2020 we are booked solid on large scope paid consults. The only way we are accepting a paid consult, during this busy time, is a maximum of 5 bullet pointed specific questions. You will be billed at the time segments below for these answers.

  • Consult less than 10 minutes is billed at $20.00.
  • Consult more than 10 minutes, but less than 30 minutes, is billed at $45.00.
  • Consult longer than 30 minutes is billed at $75.00, then billed in 15 minute increments once beyond the first hour.
  • Hourly consult rate is $75.00.
  • Minimum charge for electrical drawings/schematics, up to two hours, is $200.00. Starting at hour two custom drawings are then billed at $75.00 an hour.
  • We do not consult on LiFePO4 batteries unless the batteries were purchased through

PRODUCT QUESTION – Product questions are for pre-sale or after-sale support for products sold by There is a fine line between a “product question” and a paid consult type of question. A pre-sale product question would sound like: “Is this product able to be used below water?” If your question starts with a “How do I?” etc.,  please use the “Paid Consult” header.

If you purchased a product elsewhere, and have questions about it, these are paid consult questions, not product support. Please don’t pick our brains then purchase your products elsewhere. Too many folks have done this and these subject line headers are the result. One such individual was the result of 16 emails, back and forth, and over 2.25 hours of pre-sale Q&A. This customer then bought the $497.00 product from a dealer selling if for $2.67 less than us. They actually had a higher shipping rate so he actually did not get a better deal.

Peppering us with “product questions” then buying elsewhere is just low-form & inconsiderate. Far too many experiences such as this, have forced us to use subject line headers. already provides more free info than any marine repair site you’ll find. This site, and all the free content, is essentially being supported by a minutia of our readers. Obviously we’d love to see more folks supporting so the site can remain free and advertiser free too.

EDITS NEEDED/TESTIMONIAL – If you see a misspelling, grammatical error or other errors on please let us know. We don’t have an editor and Rod writes everything on MHT himself. He freely admits he’s not a good copy editor. Rod wears many hats so mistakes can and do happen. Have you had good service, learned something new or were able to complete a project & save money after reading, send a testimonial, we’d love to hear about it!