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My name is Rod “RC” Collins and I am an independent ABYC Certified Marine Electrical Systems Specialist who specializes in marine energy management systems and more. That, and 2¢, will buy you a gumball. The meat on the bones, and all that really matters, is if you like these articles. “Independent” simply means myself and our techs work independent of a boat yard. This allows us to charge our customers less money and give them top quality work for a fair price. Many may know me as Maine Sail on the various sailing, cruising and boating forums but I am also Compass Marine Inc. / “RC” / Rod & marinehowto.com.

MarineHowTo.com is publishedin my spare time (virtually none these days)  for DIY boaters in an attempt to try and keep the sport as affordable & safe as possible. I’ve seen too many people lose their boat because they simply can’t afford to keep it or pay a yard to maintain it.

My writing may be injected with some strong opinions, but I always try to back up where they come from or stem from with data etc.. I always try to keep all of our articles as close to current ABYC accepted safety standards as possible. It just makes sense to work on your boat safely.

How MarineHowTo.com is Funded

This site is fully supported by the few items we manufacture such as, Bed-It Tape, AMP-IT alternators, & other items that we p like, use/install regularly or believe in.  Our  Amazon Affiliate web store, as well as reader donations, are what fund this site. As of now, we have avoided advertising and we prefer to keep it that way.

We’re avoiding advertising as it can tend to mislead readers into believing we like something because we got paid for it, through advertising. By not allowing paid advertising the articles can say exactly what is needed, without mincing words, to appease an advertiser. We try very hard not to simply bash any product/brand etc., but there will be times when safety must prevail and the writing needs to be brutally honest.

Your donations and purchases help defray the cost of these articles. MarineHowTo.com can only grow & stay alive through reader support.

If you don’t like what you’ve read, no problem, take what you want from it. If you enjoy the site, please try to support its growth via a donation or by purchasing the products we recommend in our Amazon  store.

My Mantra – Don’t just take my word for it.

As I always say, “Don’t just take my word for it.” . MarineHowTo.com is but one source among hundreds or thousands of other informational sources. Always do your homework, weigh all the options, then decide what will work best for you & your boat.

I hope you enjoy the site.


Rod “RC” Collins
Compass Marine Inc. & MarineHowTo.com
Cumberland, ME USA

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