IMPORTANT UPDATE On September1, 2021 my brother Rod “RC”Collins had a Major Hemorrhagic Stroke. Most folks don’t survive a Hemorrhagic stroke so Rod has  already beaten the odds. Lucky for us, his mind, memories, and sense of humor are all still intact.  At this time we’ve had to close the Web Store and his business.He is also currently unable to answer emails. Rod is the brains behind Marine How and the business just cannot run without him.

Over the YEARS Rod has helped all of us with his 100%free Articles, never asking for anything in return. If you can help Rod and his family during this tough time it would be greatly appreciated no matter how small the donation. Rod has lost his entire business due to the stroke and is currently completely paralyzed on his left side. Marine How To and Compass Marine Inc. have been Rod’s full-time job. As of now he has no income for the mounting medical bills or to compensate for the loss of income. Rod has vowed to get back to writing how-to articles as soon as he is able.

IMPORTANT UPDATE Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question where somebody is asking when will Rod be back online? It may be a very long time before that happens with any sort of regularity as he is very busy PT, OT and speech therapy. The best bet is to find himon-line in his Facebook group (nearly 27K members)His FB group is affiliated with this web site; boat electrical systems(link)

Please do your part to help Rod in this time of need.

-JWC(Rod’s Brother)

Rod would like to thank all of you who have made a donation! He would do it himself but, he is still unable to use a computer effectively.To say he is is elated by your support would be an understatement!

Rod Happy to be leaving the hospital after 53 days

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When choosing a shop to do this work you will need to ask specific questions to ensure you are not getting a subpar job. Many, many shops are more than eager to charge you a huge sum of money only to deliver shoddy work that won’t comply […]

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