IMPORTANT UPDATE On September 1, 2021 I suffered a Major Hemorrhagic Stroke. Most people who suffer a hemorrhagic stroke don’t survive it, so I have already beaten the odds. Lucky for myself and my family, my mind, memories, and sense of humor are all still intact.

At this time we’ve been forced to close the Web Store, Compass Marine Inc. (my electrical installation business) and the on-line consulting business. I am also currently unable to answer emails.

Over the years I ‘ve kept this website 100% free! I’ve written these articles, never asking for anything in return. This web site costs a ton of money each year to run and maintain. I used to underwrite this as part of my business but with close to $800,000.00 in medical expenses (53 days in the hospital and continual in-home nursing, PT,OT, & speech therapy the medical bills keep piling up! If you can help us support this web site during this tough time it would be greatly appreciated! I hate to have to shut it down. No matter how small the donation, it all matters! As of now I have zero income for the mounting medical bills or a way to compensate for this loss of income. I am back back to writing how-to articles as  you’ll see by scrolling down.

 Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get a question where somebody is asking when I will be back online?  I am very busy right now with recovery, a full time job really. The best bet is to find me on-line checking in on my Facebook group (nearly 30K members)TheFB group that is affiliated with this web site is; Boat Electrical Systems(link)

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I  would like to thank all of you who have made a donation! I would do this personally with each of you but, I’m unable to use a computer effectively with only one typing finger.. I am elated by all the support!  Thank you to those who have donated!!

Rod Happy to be leaving the hospital after 53 days

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RTFM – (Read the Freakin’ Manual)


Hardly a day goes by where we don’t say to a reader or customer “Did you Actually open the installation manual?” One of those items we’ve seen one to many of are the Victron Battery Protect devices. These are great products but like anything Victron their manuals are typically written for Victron trained technicians not the average DIY. If attempting to install Victron equipment as a DIY you have two choices;

1) Use a Victron trained dealer/installer (Preferred)

2) Research, research, research…

Research resources:

Victron Support Community

Boat  Electrical Systems (largest group of ABYC & ISO/RCD Electricians […]

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