Seacock Backing Plates

Start by Drilling a Hole Many readers have asked me how to install stronger, flanged seacocks without also drilling extra holes in your hull for the bolts that hold the flange. It can be done, as you will see below. Though this method is going to be slightly [...]

Seacock Failure Testing

The Test Bench I had been meaning to test the strength of a ball valve threaded directly onto a thru-hull, as many production builders do for seacock installations, but never actually got around to completing that task until now. Many of the builders, who install seacocks in this [...]

Seacock & Thru-Hull Primer

These are called Thru-Hulls This item is called a thru-hull or sometimes a mushroom-head or even a skin fitting. They are straight threaded (NPS thread) so they can be cut to the correct length, for your hulls thickness, and then be threaded into a female straight threaded seacock [...]