Making Your Own Battery Cables

Pick Your Crimp Tool I own both the Ancor hammer crimper and the FTZ 94284. The FTZ 94284 makes a beautiful 360 degree crimp that is very solid. In testing which I've conducted an FTZ made crimp exceeds US MIL Specs. A full 360 degree crimp makes a [...]

Smart Gauge Battery Monitoring Unit

The Balmar Smart Gauge PREFACE: This article is quite in-depth but much less so than it could have been. I have given a very brief overview of my actual testing procedures but enough to explain the methodology. Other than the EnerSys white paper this is the only other [...]

Rebedding Deck Hardware

Originally published December 2005 Countersunk/Beveled Hole Over the years, especially in the last few weeks via PM's/emails, I have been asked how I bed deck hardware with butyl tape. I officially apologize for being so slow with completed photo examples. I have been meaning to do one but [...]

Installing a Marine Battery Charger

Choosing A Charger With battery banks getting larger & larger and battery technology becoming more and more expensive a quality battery charger is not the place you want to skimp on features or quality. For this article I’m installing a: Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Charger When selecting [...]